Top 20 Anti Aging Natural Foods and Juices

8. Salmon:

Salmon Portion

Fish is extremely nutritious and many of us don’t eat enough of it. Oily fish in particular can be singled out because it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which inhibit the effect of free radicals on the body.

9. Yogurt:


Remember the buzz in the 1970’s about people in Soviet Georgia living the longest because they consumed an abundance of yogurt! The correlation could be due to the amount of calcium which wards off osteoporosis or the active cultures which assist in preventing age-related intestinal ailments.

When adding yogurt to your diet, Sara recommends the “low fat Greek” variety – it’s strained extensively to remove much of the liquid whey, lactose, and sugar, giving it a thicker consistency.  In about the same amount of calories, it has double the protein of regular yogurt, while cutting sugar and sodium content in half.

10. Fruits & Vegetables:

bright background of fruits and vegetables

When it comes to your skin’s health, any fruit or vegetable is useful. Just remember that the more colour a fruit has, the more nutrients it holds. The more nutrients, it’s better for your skin.

11. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate

Cocoa beans have a high concentration of antioxidant flavanols that fight free radicals while promoting healthy circulation and improving the skins ability to retain moisture. But don’t reach for just any old chocolate bar – the cocoa refining process destroys antioxidants, so seek out real dark chocolate with no unhealthy additives.