Amazing Anti-Aging Juice Recipes

7. Watermelon Detox:


Watermelon :

Apart from being extremely delicious snack for scorching summers, watermelon also makes for one of the most loved essential juice ingredients for healthy skin, combined with amazing anti aging properties. Because of its rich water content, drinking it in the form of juice taste as delicious as eating it. Also, this fruit contains rich amount of lycopene, a photo nutrient required for cardiovascular function and strengthening of bones.


Lime used in this delicious anti aging juice recipe helps in stimulating digestion, apart from adding several detoxifying properties to it.


Ripe watermelon chunks 1 cup
Strawberries 1/2 cup
Freshly squeezed lime juice 1/4th cup
Fresh ginger minced 1/2 tsp


Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer to make smooth paste. Add ice and serve chilled. Avoid juicing fruits and blend them directly for fresh taste.

Better Drink: 

There can be no better than drinking juices to fight several skin problems, that too without spending thousands on chemical or artificial methods to combat aging. Try these simple fruit juice recipes for skin aging to bring the lost shine back and have healthy beautiful skin. Once you start including these in our diet, then age will just be an another number for you.

8. Berry Smoothie:

Hamilton Beach


Blueberries are one of the best ingredients for anti-aging juice recipes. They have a bold, refreshing flavor and do wonders for the nutritional needs for older adults. Blueberries are hailed as an ultimate super food, thanks to the many whole-body health benefits they provide, including for your heart, cognitive function, and blood sugar levels. For instance, one study showed that it can support healthy blood pressure for different aged individuals, and another study showed that blueberries can improve memory.


Strawberries are another excellent source of vitamin C and are best known for their positive effects on heart health. The kale in this anti-aging juice recipe adds a boost of vitamins K, A, C, and manganese, while the beet adds folate, manganese, and potassium.


• One cup of blueberries
• Half cup of strawberries
• One kale leaf (minus the stem)
• Half a medium-sized beet
• One cup of unsweetened almond milk or water


Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer to make smooth paste. Add some ice and serve.