How to Use Black Coffee for Weight Loss

Few tips:

♦  Do not add normal milk to your coffee. Skimmed milk should be preferable over normal milk as your target is to achieve weight loss.

♦  Very little sugar should be added or you can add sugar free tablets to it. Sugar contains a lot of fat and hence is not desirable. Drink coffee during the day time and not at night as coffee at night would stop you from sleeping and hence result in an entire disruption of schedule.

♦  Do not add extra beverage and creams to it as it increases the fat content of it. Adding cream and other things increases the calorie in the meal.

♦  For getting best results of weight loss one should consume coffee one hour before working out. As black coffee consumption can increase the energy level in the body, one may work out more efficiently and focused work outs can be performed. Focused work out are very important in losing weight. But remember it should be an hour or more before the exercising time.

♦  Do not drink black coffee just before working out. The acid of the coffee along with the energetic exercise may leave you with an empty stomach.


♦  Coffee consumption should be along with a lot of water. As coffee is a diuretic drink it dehydrates the body so it is very important to keep yourself hydrated.

♦  So moderate amounts of anything can be healthy to the body while excess may result in loses and may put your health into danger.

♦  While pregnancy you may consult the doctor before the consumption of caffeine as it is a depressant as well.

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