How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Coconut oil- Olive oil hair mask:



1) Coconut oil
2) Olive oil


Mix equal proportions of both and apply it on her. You can keep it overnight for best results. Shampoo it the next morning for soft smooth and shiny hair.

Massage It:-


Using one to four tablespoons of oil (depending on how long your hair is and remember that a little goes a long way), begin to massage the oil into your hair with your fingertips, ensuring you work it into the hair follicles by applying to the roots. To get the full benefit, massage for a good few minutes.

Results are visible in a month:


Note: If you’re going to use coconut oil for your hair, be sure you pick up a quality bottle of virgin oil. Use must be consistent in order to see and maintain proper results. This is why it is suggested to add coconut oil into either your daily or weekly hair care routine. Try out the various masks and you will be left with shinier, smoother and silkier hair.

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