DIY Christmas Gifts for Family

Craft Special Gifts and Save $$$

According to an economy report by Gallup, they are expecting Americans to spend $781, on average, up from $704 last November. But if you are like me and don’t have a lot of money to spend,there is no need to leave the special people in your life without a special gift. Besides what could be more thoughtful than personally crafting a thoughtful gift for a loved one? From upcycling dollar store wine glasses into snow globes to turning sweets into fun sleighs there are plenty of ideas for you. So get the yarns and glue sticks out and get ready for some craft time!


Best DIY Christmas Family Gifts:

1) Wine Glass Snow Globe


Purchase wine glasses at the dollar store or even from your local charity shop. Add any ornament you wish To create the snow scene, from miniature trees to small deers. As an extra measure you could add a tea light candle on top of the glass.

2) Spa in a Jar


This is an ideal gift for girlfriends or sisters. If they like doing their nails, put small samples of nail stuff or soap or a wash towel and create a cute spa in a jar. Why not pick up a book or magazine to plus up the pamper factor.

3) Wrapped in Dollars


A little something for recipients that prefer money. This is ideal for teenagers. Grab some of their favorite bars and wrap some cash around for their preferred gift.

4) DIY Teacup Candle


How many of us have old teacups lying around the house ? Now you can upcycle them into adorable candles !

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