DIY Christmas Gifts for Family

5) Yarn Wrapped Letter


Perfect for a little girl. Purchase letters and yarn from your local craft store and wrap her favorite colors around the letter of her first name. Glue on craft flowers or bling when finished to really show it off.

6) Sweet Sleigh


This is a very cute little gift for little friends or nieces and nephews. You will need candy canes and bars of chocolate to recreate this little beauty.

7) Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornaments


Peppermint candies are full of Christmas cheer. What’s more they are wallet friendly and simple to make. Pop them in a special box to give to grandma from the kids.

8) 52 Things I Love about You


This is a really sweet gift for your other half. Simply get a deck of cards and some old magazines and enjoy making collages on each card that something special about them.

9) A Hidden Gift


Who doesn’t love a present containing a secret treasure?Hide an empty toilet paper roll inside a mason jar surrounded by sweets! Fill with a surprise

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