DIY Christmas Gifts for Family

10) Merry Kissmas


Pop some Hersheys candy cane kisses in a mason jar for a really sweet gift for that special someone.

11) DIY Sharpie Snowman Mug


Snowman sharpie mugs are the sweetest gifts to give to anybody. Pop a cute little cuddly bear or some hot chocolate supplies inside for added wow factor.

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12) Something out of the Blue
Get a cardboard box and fill it with blue things such as sweets and crisps. Get blue letters or cut them out from blue card with the message “something out of the blue”

13) DIY Miss You Mugs


Perfect for long distance relationships – you will need some sharpies and card . Draw the different states or countries you are in and trace this onto a mug with your sharpie marker.

14) Baseball Craft Photo


For the baseball fan in your life – make a collage of everything baseball and place in a beautiful frame.

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