Easy DIY Christmas Pop Up Card

Tra-la-la-la-laaaaaa the Christmas season is practically upon us. Oh how I LOVE this time of year. And I (!) like to make it last as long as possible… which is why I have been listing to my Christmas Music Playlist already!! Teehee. Anyway. I digress. We have been having LOTS of fun with Paper Fans or Paper Concertinas lately.. there are so many cool and fun projects you can make using this technique. Including today’s DIY Christmas Pop Up Card! Such a pretty 3D Christmas Trees Pape craft for both kids and grown-ups. We absolutely love Paper Crafts, especially Paper Crafts for Christmas!


This 3D Christmas Tree Card is a perfect seasonal addition to our Pop Up Card Project Ideas – something for every season to be found. I think a version of Hattifant’s 3D Paper Trees would look amazing as part of this card too!

3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Card DIY – Materials:

  • A5 sheet of green paper (or white)
  • A little brown paper/ card
  • Scrap of yellow paper for the star
  • Snowflake confetti (optional) – I have used ours on a number of projects and it lasts ages
  • Glue stick
  • A6 Cardstock (I used blue)

How to make a Pop up Christmas Card


This DIY Christmas Pop Up Card is based on the concertina paper folding technique or “paper fan folding”. It is a simple technique with very effective and oh so pretty results.

Paper Fan Christmas Tree Card – Step by Step Instructions

Begin by making your paper fan Christmas Tree


  1. We used an A5 sheet of green paper – which is approximately 10cm x 15cm. I am aware that US “standard sizes are a bit different… it doesn’t have to be exact! Just adjust the sizes in the next step.
  2. Fold your paper along the 15cm edge as neatly and evenly into a paper fan as possible. You should be left with a concertina paper strip 15cm long. We made 0.5mm wide accordion folds.


  1. Cut this paper strip into 5cm, 4cm, 3cm, 2cm and 1cm (A5 is actually JUST a little smaller than 15cm, so just adjust each section by a couple of mm and you are fine!). As mentioned.. it isn’t exact. Just make sure you get 5 pieces that get smaller each time.

Prepare and stick your Paper Tree stem


  1. Take your brown piece of paper. You will need approximately 3cm x 3cm.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Then fold the edges in by 0.5mm. So you should have folds: 0.5mm, 1cm, 1cm, 0.5mm
  4. Glue the 0.5mm strips onto the card. You now have a “Pop up” steam.

Glueing in your Paper Fan Chrismas Tree


  1. Take your longest strip and glue just above the tree trunk on the LEFT side of the card.
  2. Then layer the remaining 4 strips evenly – leaving a little space for a star.
  3. Once all are glued in place. Carefully add glue to the “upward facing” surface of your strip. This can be a bit fiddly.. as the concertinas like to bounce around a bit.
  4. Hold in black. Flap over the right side of the card and secure to the the green strips.
  5. When you open the card up, you should have your paper fan Christmas Tree pop up

Decorating your 3d Christmas Card DIY


  1. Now have fun – add a Christmas star.. snowflakes, night sky stars, Christmas gifts, a snowman… anything you wish!! Enjoy.


We have more fabulous Christmas Tree Cards – these are made from newspaper! Aren’t they fabulous?

Source: https://www.redtedart.com/