Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Water is a very essential part in human life. Human body consists of 70% of water,even our Earth consists of 3/4 of water. Every living organism on the Earth, depends on Water. We can survive for almost a month without food but we can survive only a week without water.



Most people are aware of the benefits of drinking water, which is why it forms a crucial part of every mealtime; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1. Weight loss:


Warm water facilitates faster metabolism and regulates stomach acids. With its incredible effects on digestion, hydration of your body, flushing out of body toxins and impurities. Drinking a glass of warm water just before workout will help you lose extra kilos during workout. The heat from the water will help you to increase your metabolic rate and thus help in weight loss. A study revealed, drinking hot water just before breakfast will decrease your calorie intake by at least 13%.

2. Improves Blood Circulation:


When you drink hot to warm water, the heat from the water helps your blood to circulate better within your body and flow much more freely. Not just your blood, the nutrients in your blood also enjoy the free movement and reach their destination more easily. Enhanced blood circulation also means enhanced oxygen circulation in your body. Adding a few squeezes of lemon to your warm water further stimulates blood circulation.

3. Improves Hair Growth:


Warm water activates the nerve endings of your hair. This is very vital for Promoting hair growth.The hydrating nature of hot water keep you scalp sufficiently hydrated to fight dandruff. Proper amounts of intake of warm water will help to maintain/get back the vitality of your hair.Hair is made up of 30 % water. More fluids, more water gets replaced. Hence gives you a beautiful hair.

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