Easy DIY Christmas Garland


We love making homemade decorations at Christmas time. I have a shoebox filled with ornaments that R has made each year. I write his name and the year he made them on the back of each one and they are such lovely keepsakes. This year we made some very simple Christmas tree ornaments using cupcake cases. We loved how they looked, so we decided to use some mini cupcake cases to make some tiny trees. We then strung them together to make a garland.


How to make a simple Christmas garland

To see how we made the cupcake case Christmas trees, pop over to the post I shared last week featuring our kid-made Christmas ornaments. They really are so simple and it’s a relatively mess free activity which is perfect for this time of year.


After you have made the cupcake case trees, it is then just a simple matter of attaching them to some string or ribbon.  This project was all about being quick and easy so we simply taped ours to a length of string with sticky tape. You could use a hot glue gun or staple them to the string if you wanted to be a bit more professional about it.


That’s all there is to it. Your garland is now ready to hang. We have a tiny table top Christmas tree from IKEA. This mini garland was perfect for stringing around its thin branches.


So there you have it. Quick, simple and oh so pretty. This would be a lovely activity for the kids to do while you are busy with Christmas preparations.

Do you enjoy making homemade Christmas decorations?

source: http://oneperfectdayblog.net/