5 Best Exercises That Get Rid Of Back Fat And Bra Over Hang

I know you’re here because you want to get rid of back fat, or bra bulge, or bra overhang. But the truth is, losing weight in a specific area is really hard to accomplish. Some specialists even say it’s impossible. But this is not the case!


How To Get Rid Of Back Fat And Bra Bulge:

Here’s the right approach to spot-target fat deposits:


You see, side back fat is more of a consequence of overall weight gain. And to attack back fat and get rid of that unaesthetic bra bulge you need to reverse this process: to lose weight over the entire body.

So instead of targeting your back only, you should be focusing on full body exercises that torch fat overall. In other words, your workout routine should include a cardio session no matter what area of your body you want to slim and tone.

Of course, this isn’t enough since you also should be toning your problem area. So some of the exercises you’re doing must target your back, arms and core muscles.


Let’s talk about diet; because that’s what can really boost or slow down your weight loss process. A healthy and controlled diet can help get rid of back fat even twice as fast.

So focus on getting your body’s nutrients from the right foods:

Targeting Back fat:

So remember, you can’t successfully get rid of back fat and bra bulge without achieving these 4 key points:

  1. Cardio session – to lose fat in your entire body;
  2. Back exercises – to target and tone your problem area;
  3. Healthy diet – to speed up your weight loss process;
  4. Reasonable water intake – to help your body function properly (after all, our body is more than 70% water).

Top 5 Back Fat and Bra Over Hang Exercises:

In this article we’re going to focus on 5 best exercises that target your problem area, to help you get rid of back fat and bra over hang!

I will promise,In just a few weeks you’ll enjoy a bra bulge free life ?

1. TYI Exercise:


The TYI is one of the fun and easy lower back fat workouts that can be done by almost anyone. The exercise is named TYI because the hand movements mimic the shape of these three alphabets, and it helps to tone all the back muscles at a time – both upper back and lower back.

How to do it:

  • Lie down on your stomach holding 3-pounds dumbbells in each hand.
  • Lift your chest from the floor by engaging your back and then move your arms up and out to from a T position, next move into a Y position and then change to the I position with arms straight above your head and touching.
  • This move targets the rear delts specifically, which is an important back muscle.

2. T Raise:


The T Raise is an amazing stability exercise that helps to increase the range of motion and strength all through the shoulder, and it particularly targets the sides of the shoulders and upper back region while tightening and toning the back muscles. It is the perfect solution to the problem of how to lose back fat for women.

How to do it:

  • Stand while holding a pair of 2 to 3 pounds dumbbells with your feet placed hip-width apart.
  • Now, bend your knees slightly so that you can shift your hips back and lower your torso till it is collateral to the floor.
  • Bring the dumbbells close together and turn the palms to face forward.
  • Lift the weights up to shoulder height and then lower them down.
  • Do 15 to 20 repetitions at a time while keeping your core and glutes engaged the entire time.
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