8 Simple Exercises To Firm and Lift Up Your Breasts

3. Rear Lateral Raise:


How To Do:

The Rear Lateral Raise promises to sculpt your arms in no time. It is also a great chest workout. Here is how you should go about it.

  • Stand straight and keep your feet close.
  • Hold dumbbells in each hand and stretch your hands forward.
  • Bend your knees and move those hips backwards until your torso is parallel to the floor.
  • Raise your arms straight out towards the sides.
  • Pause and then come back to the first position.

4. Tricep dips:


How To Do:

  • Sit on a chair or bench and place hands by your sides facing forward and your legs stretched out.
  • Keep hands where they are and lift yourself off the bench.
  • Slowly lower yourself to the floor in three or four counts by bending elbows.
  • Use the same number of counts to return to starting position.

5. Medicine ball pull over:


How To Do:

  • Hold a medicine ball straight up in the air.
  • Slowly lower the medicine ball behind your head as far as you can, keeping arms lengthened with a soft elbow bend.
  • Squeeze your chest and triceps as you bring the ball back to the original position above your chest.
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