12 Simple Exercises To Lose Hips and Waist Fat

7. Balancing Triceps Extension:


How to do:

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and balance on right leg with knee slightly bent, left leg extended low behind hip.
  • Hold the dumbbells behind head, with elbows bent in close to ears (if it’s too challenging with both weights, hold only one dumbbell).
  • Draw abs in tighter and bend left knee in front of hip as arms extend to ceiling (weights will be slightly in front of head at the top).
  • Without lowering left foot to the floor (unless needed for balance), slowly return to the starting position; repeat.
  • Do all reps on the first side, then repeat on the opposite leg to complete one set.

8. Hip Thrusts:


How to do:

  • No feminine waist shaping routine would be complete without some version of the hip thrust.
  • Hip thrust together with glute bridge movements target the glutes and the muscles of your lower back.
  • This exercise strengthens your muscle and shapes your glutes.  It is a great way to improve your curves and make your waist appear smaller.

9. Hip Rotations:


How to do:

  • Sitting on the floor or mat with your right leg out straight, place your left ankle over your right leg.
  • Your ankle should be next to your knee.
  • Using your left arm for balance by placing your left hand on the floor behind you.
  • Use your upper-right arm to slowly and gently push your left knee further towards the right
  • You should feel the stretch in your hip, as well as in your spine
  • Switch legs and repeat the routine.
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