8 Effective and Genuine Exercises To Reduce Cheeks Fat

Are you upset about having chubby cheeks? Do you really want to get rid of those excess fat from your face?
Chubby cheeks can make you feel disheartened and can lower your self-confidence. Excess cheek fat can make your face look older and bulky.


But now, no more worries, say goodbye to your cheek fat and get sculpted, toned and slimmed cheeks in 10 days. All you have to do is follow these 10 techniques and useful tips to reduce cheek fat in 10 days.

What causes chubby cheeks?

– Being overweight
– Lack of essential nutrients in the body
– Excessive intake of sugar, salt, fat and carbohydrates
– Sleeping less and stress
– Water retention (poor diet and dehydration)
– Genetic inheritance

Best Exercises To Reduce Cheeks Fat:

1. Fish Face:



Fish face tones and stretches your cheek muscles. It makes your cheeks less flabby and your face sleek.

How to do:

  • Suck your cheeks and lips inwards and try to replicate a fish face.
  • Holding that face, attempt to smile. You will feel a burn in your cheeks and jaw.
  • Relax and repeat the exercise.

2. Cheek Lifts:


A wide smile is one of the best exercises to tone the cheek muscles, and the cheek lift exercise is based on the smile movement itself. It helps in toning and firming drooping cheeks and smoothing cheek folds to give you a younger looking face.

How to do:

  • Start in a comfortable sitting position and smile as wide as you can and lift yup your cheeks towards your eyes.
  • You will sense the stretch and strain in your cheek muscles. You do this exercise by shutting your eyes for a better lift.
  • Hold the posture for 15 seconds and relax your face. Repeat it 15 times at a stretch for best results.
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