8 Effective and Genuine Exercises To Reduce Cheeks Fat

3. Blow Balloons:


How to do:

  • Blowing balloons is a great way to tone and slim down your chubby cheeks.
  • Simply, take a balloon and fill it with air.As you blow, feels the muscle in your cheeks expand.
  • Release the air from the balloon and repeat the procedure for 10 times.
  • This technique really works! And in 5 days you will notice a difference in the size of your cheeks.

4.Chewing Gum:


How to do:

  • Chewing gum is a good facial exercise to cut calories from the cheeks and flatten chubby cheeks.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum for about 20 minutes twice in a day, melts fat cells from your face and makes your face visibly thinner and toned.
  • Do this 30 minutes after having your lunch and 30 minutes after having your dinner.

5. The Gargle Exercise:


How to do:

  • An easy and powerful trick to get rid of chubby cheek fat is to do warm gargle 3 to 4 times in a day.
  • Just take a mouthful of warm water and swirl it around your mouth.
  • You can do it anytime, anywhere.Do this before going to bed.
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