8 Simple & Effective Exercises To Reduce Flank Fat

Having a flank fat is one of the most stressing thing that you may experience since it is hard to get rid of this problem especially when one is not fully committed to this program. The main problem that many people who have this condition must deal with is to ensure that they reduce the intake of calories & Exercising.


This must be done continuously since getting rid of flank fat is not just an easy task as it may take time before it is successfully done. You should not be stressed by the fat content in your body since you can easily get rid of it without encountering any problem provided you are patient with the progress that you will make after undergoing the weight loss procedure. There are some Simple & Effective Exercises To Reduce Flank Fat at home.

Exercises To Reduce Flank Fat:

1. Bicycle Crunches:


How to do:

  • Lie on your back.
  • Put your hands behind your ears.
  • Crunch to the left and bring your right elbow in to meet your left knee.
  • Crunch to the right and bring your left elbow in to meet your right knee.
  • Quickly go back and forth between sides as if you’re pedaling a bike.
  • Try for three sets of 30 reps on each side.

2. Stability Ball Oblique Crunch:


How to do:

  •  place your feet against a wall for a bit more stabilization, then lay sideways on the ball.
  • The ball should be placed under the lower torso.
  • Extend the body over the ball, then rise back up crunching the abs and obliques.
  • Once you get more comfortable with the exercise, move away from the wall.
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