7 Best & Smooth Shaping Methods For Your Best Eyebrows Ever

Maintaining the appearance of your eyebrows is hard work. When choosing a shaping method, it’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind as well as your desired outcome.


While tweezing is great for low-maintenance ladies who love a natural-looking arch, busy girls may not have time to sit down for frequent plucking sessions. You’ve heard about a variety of options—waxing, threading, lasers, even on-the-rise microblading—but which one is actually right for you? We’ve broken down each approach here to help make your decision a cinch.

1. Waxing:


The waxing option gives you the luxury of having longer time in between touch-ups since the hair is pulled from the root.   There are hot waxes as well as cold waxes that you can use but of course, the hot waxes are much easier to purchase because of their popularity.   Hot waxes are moderately uncomfortable but leave a cleaner, smoother surface longer.   This can take a bit longer as precision is a very important attribute in a successful eyebrow waxing.   After heating the wax, be very careful to smooth the wax only on the area where you wish to remove the hair. Any little slip can mean a lopsided eyebrow or worse.   Place the linen strip on the wax, smoothing it down in the direction that the hair grows.   Next, allow the wax to completely cool then grab the end of the linen that is at the outer corner of your eye and let it rip!   Slow and steady does not win this race.   You have to rip the linen off from the opposite direction that the hair grows, and fast.   If you can stand a little pain then give it a go!

2. Tweezing:


Ouch!  Everything about this hurts and takes some time but the results are long lasting.   Tweezing is pulling each hair from the root one by one until the surface is clean.   It is painful but it is the most accurate way of shaping your eyebrows.   Remember always to tweeze in the direction the hair grows to avoid irritation.

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