7 Best & Smooth Shaping Methods For Your Best Eyebrows Ever

3. Threading:


Threading is a little more complex than all these other methods.   A small piece of thread about six to eight inches is tied in a knot from end to end to form a loop.   In order for you to start threading with this little loop, you need to take your index fingers on either side then twist in opposite directions, making something that looks like the figure eight.   Hold the little corner of the figure eight against the hair at the opposite direction that the hair grows.   Make certain your thumb and pointer fingers are opened on both sides of the figure eight.   Open and close your thumb and pointer finger and the hairs will start popping out.   This hurts a lot but it is faster than tweezing. Yikes!

4. Electrolysis:


Electrolysis is less widely-used than any of the above options, but it’s a great route to go if you want to permanently remove hair. A technician uses a thin metal probe that delivers an electric current and inserts it into the hair follicle. After a few sessions, the follicle is destroyed permanently, so obviously, this might not be the best route to go if you’re worried you may want your natural, thicker brows back down the road.

5. Laser:


Laser is ideal for getting rid of stubborn hairs between the eyebrows and above the brow bone. Regular maintenance is necessary for anything below the brow bone, but after a few sessions you’ll see permanent hair reduction. Below the brow bone, electrolysis uses an electrical current to probe the follicles of individual hairs.

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