10 Foods that Help You To Fight With Cellulite

Chili Peppers:


These red-hot little guys can help you score a red-hot body: They have been shown to boost metabolism by up to 25 percent for a period of time after eating them, which improves blood flow, flushing out toxins and reducing fat deposits in the connective tissue to lessen lumps and bumps.



Avocado is the perfect food for balancing insulin levels, keeping your cellulite at bay. This super food is packed full of potassium and foliate. While avocado is high in fat, it is also high in fiber. Enjoy this healthy fat in place of butter and sandwich spreads. Avocado is brilliant spread on toast with salt and pepper. Moderation is key with this high calorie food.



Also high in fluids and nutrients and low in calories, vegetables are ideal for weight management. Although scientific evidence is lacking, asparagus has often been suggested to be beneficial in fighting cellulite due to its folic acid content. Some suggest that folic acid helps stabilise mood swings and decrease stress levels, which indirectly can affect fat storage in the body.


cucumber slice
cucumber slice

Continuing with the theme of hydration, cucumbers contain more water by weight than any other solid food. Also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, cucumber makes a great addition to sandwiches and salads, or for a summertime treat, try out some of these cucumber smoothie recipes.