10 Foods for Cleansing your Colon Naturally

Aloe vera:


Aloe vera is known for its detoxification abilities and acts as a laxative, hence it is regarded as an effective colon cleanser. The medicinal properties present in aloe vera gel will not only improve your colon health, but it will also treat other health problems like headaches, skin infections, diarrhea, gastric pain and constipation.



From kidney beans to lentils, legumes contain high levels of fiber that makes these vegetables one of the greatest foods for colon cleansing.  The high fiber content of legumes are known to help maintain normal bowel movement and prevent the occurrence of various illnesses in the gastrointestinal tract.



Organic apples, grapes, pineapples, papaya and kiwi are good for the entire digestive system, they are rich in fiber, easily bulk up and create extra volume and they act as a natural lubricant which makes them good choices for colon health. They also contain valuable enzymes that help maintain regularity.