25 Amazing Foods To Get Flat Abs – Foods That Best For Flat Abs



These little guys are high in potassium, as well as fiber, which keeps your digestive system regular. They taste delicious and sweet, so you won’t even notice the health benefits as you lick the plum juice off your fingers!



Want a stronger immune system? Eat beets. This yummy veggie also contains the B vitamin folate, which can help keep birth defects at bay. Next time you’re at the grocery, grab some of these little guys and add them to your next salad. Dwight Schrute would be so proud.


Group of lentils isolated on white background

Lentils have been known to lower cholesterol, and support strong heart health with their high levels of magnesium. Essentially, eating lentils will keep your heart (and your palate) happy!



Welcome to vitamin C city, population cauliflower. One serving of this super-veggie is responsible for 77 percent of your daily vitamin C intake.

Tomato juice:


The only tomato juice we’re talking about is one that’s low-low-low sodium. Simply buying a tomato juice from the grocery store without looking at the ingredients might not be the smartest diet choice. However, if you find one that’s clean of sodium and other chemicals, tomato juice can be a great weight loss tool. It keeps you full!

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