25 Amazing Foods To Get Flat Abs – Foods That Best For Flat Abs

Chia seeds:


This whole grain is easy to digest while still dishing forth high levels of fiber and energy! You can add these little guys to any dish to up its nutritional value.



As long as they’re not coated with salt and other sugary things, peanuts can actually hold great health benefits for you and your family. They’re high in copper and manganese. In fact, people who ate peanuts were less likely to gain weight than those people who didn’t eat them.



This world-renown root is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, but also for its “thermogenic” effect, which promotes weight loss. The flavor might be strong, but even a little bit can go a long way.


You probably didn’t know this, but pears are one of the highest fiber fruits on the planet. They’re incredibly sweet, which is perfect for your post-dinner sugar craving.


While lemons do indeed help treat high blood pressure and improve our hair and nails, this tart fruit is also crazy high in alkaline, the opposite of acid. Eating foods high in alkaline gives you a better chance at avoiding the common cold, cancer and even maintaining a healthy weight! Eating acidic foods (usually processed) almost always leads to weight gain, while eating foods high in alkaline does just the opposite.



It’s the perfect summer snack or side dish to a cookout, and we can’t complain! This delicious orange fruit is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, giving you the nutrients you need to go all-out on your next workout

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