10 Natural Foods For Flat Stomach Fast

8.  Avocado:

Avocado with leaves

Avocados, a great source of heart-healthy fatty acids, contains more beta-sitosterol to help with cholesterol than any other fruit. The healthy fats in avocados also coat the stomach and allow for ease of digestion.

9. Apples:


Apples are sweet and superpower food. According to study apples are loaded with antioxidants that will helps to reduce cellular death. Eating Apples in breakfast helps stay hunger free for longer time. Apples not only helps in getting Fat stomach but there are several health benefits of eating apples as helps in lowering bad cholesterol level, reduce the risk of stroke, lower the risk of diabetes. So try to add sweet apples in your diet to get flat stomach to look fit and healthy.

10. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate

Indulge in the delicious taste of dark chocolate and say good bye to stubborn belly fat in a quick and effective way. Cocoa used to prepare dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants that prevents excess weight gain and also lowers the blood sugar levels in the body

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