Marvelous Foods For Healthy Heart

7. Blueberries:


All colorful fruits and veggies contain nutrients and offer health benefits, but dark-skinned blueberries are especially high in disease-fighting antioxidants that can help prevent heart disease.

Preparation Tip: Fold blueberries into oats, smoothies, and salads, or munch them straight out of hand for a sweet snack.

8. Beets:


These purple roots unleash helpful compounds called nitrites into your blood, expanding your vessels and improving blood flow, Dr. Skolnick says In a study in the journal Hypertension, these benefits helped lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness in people with high BP.

9. Carrots:

fresh carrots isolated on white background

Carrots are very high in soluble fiber, which binds to the bad cholesterol in your gut so you can eliminate it from your body, but it also lowers blood pressure and stabilizes blood sugar levels too. Simple carrots make an excellent snack with some spicy hummus, or try roasting them to bring out their sweet nature.

Causes Of Heart Attack:

• Stress.
• High Blood Pressure.
• High Cholesterol.
• Smoking.
• Obesity.
• Taking Drugs.
• Drinking Alcohol.