Best Foods For Lowering Cholesterol

High Cholesterol in Blood which leads to Heart does not pump the Blood to Various organs in our Body because Cholesterol stops the Blood Flow in Veins then it leads to Heart-Attacks and Many people died due to Heart-Attacks, through out the Globe.


Watching your cholesterol levels is one of the most important things, you can do for heart health and preventing several types of heart disease. If you have high cholesterol levels, the best thing to do is listen to your doctor’s advice, but you can also make sure to eat foods that can help to get your cholesterol down to acceptable levels.

Foods For Cholesterol:

1. Carrots:

Fresh carrots

Not just for a good eyesight, carrot is a cholesterol-free food which is full of soluble fibres which help to carry away bile acids through the gastrointestinal tract until the body excretes them as waste.

2. Beans:


Studies have shown that people who ate half a cup of pinto beans a day were able to reduce their bad cholesterol by 8 percent in just 12 weeks. Beans are also high in fibre which makes them slower to digest, making the stomach feel fuller longer and aiding in weight loss and dieting.

3. Walnuts:


It may seem counter intuitive, but eating more, it can actually lower your cholesterol levels. Monounsaturated fats help lower LDL cholesterol. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower the level of triglycerides in your body. This lowers the fat in your blood stream and can prevent plaque buildup in your arteries. Studies have shown that eating just a handful of walnuts, every day can lower your LDL cholesterol levels by 10%.

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