9 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Long

3. Almonds:


These nuts are helpful to us in many ways. They also help in growing hair faster and thicker, because of their biotin ingredients. Take at least 1 cup of almonds everyday in order to meet your daily requirements. It is also good if you soak almonds overnight and take that water next morning. By taking almonds daily, you can see visible results within 1 to 2 months.

4. Coriander:


Coriander is the other green herb widely used in cuisines with all health benefits also notified for its great help in reducing hair fall and helping its growth. Coriander tea consumption, using the coriander leaves in other forms in cuisines as chutney’s helps to grow long hair.

How: As well as application of its paste to the scalp and leaving it for an hour prior to washing also does the magical treat.

5. Spinach:


Great for more than just hair health, this relatively affordable leafy green is great for fighting iron deficiency! Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen, if the body can’t get enough oxygen due to anemia, the result are devastating to the whole body. It causes weakness, fatigue, and possibly even hair loss.

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