9 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Long

6. Avocado:


Again they have high concentration of fatty acids and are known to be age old beauty secret. It also contain vitamin B and vitamin E that prevents your hair from breakage. When it is applied to the hair and the scalp they have the additional feature of stimulating elastin and collagen production which would further strengthen your hair.

7. Onion Juice:


Onion juice is the other hair friendly product that can naturally clear the dandruff from the scalp and reduces hair fall as well as helps to grow hair.

How: Onion juice is to be extracted by grinding the onions and the same need to be applied to the hair follicles and leave the same for about 20 to 30 minutes and wash with mild herbal shampoo.

8. Blueberries:


As far as berries go, blueberries are the #1 superfood because of their antioxidants. The tiny berry also contains vitamin C to prevent hair breakage, and they also boost collagen production which leads to pretty hair.

9. Dry Fruits:


Dry fruits and nuts are not only good for our health but they are also good for the hair. Dry fruits helps in increasing the hair growth and they also nourishes the hair too. You can make from walnuts, almonds, dates, prunes. Figs and dates are highly rich in iron content which assists the hair to grow well.

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