10 Best Foods to Cleanse your Lungs



Mullein tea helps people with contaminated lungs – a common case with smokers. Be careful, since little hairs on the leaves can have disturbing effects if you absorb them.

Beans, Seeds, and Nuts:


* These all contain rich amounts of magnesium, a mineral that contributes to healthy lung function.

* They also provide essential fatty acids that are good for the cardiovascular system.

Dark Berries:


Berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants. They help to reduce the risk of lung cancer as well as other infections and diseases.



This spice has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the elimination of pollutants from the lungs.

Things to Avoid During Lung Cleansing:

  •  Avoid sugar, white flour, and dairy products because they encourage the formation of mucus in the body.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Stop being in the same place as smokers if you’re trying to quit smoking.
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