9 Best Natural Foods That Help Relieve Constipation

5. Chocolate:


You probably never thought about it, but chocolate is a big “No Thank You” when it comes to constipation. The exact reason for this is unknown, but it’s thought that it might be due to the large amount of fat and sugar in chocolate that is causing the entire digestive process to slow down. If you suffer from regular bouts of constipation, avoiding chocolate would be a smart move.

6. Fiber:


Kick starting your day off the day with a bowl of high-fiber bran cereal will kick start your digestive system due to fiber’s ability to add bulk to stool. Just be careful if your just introducing fiber to your diet, you could experience a lot of painful gas, bloat, and stomach cramps so begin with small servings of morning oatmeal or another fiber-rich cereal—or sprinkle some barley flakes on your lunchtime soup or stew.

7. Red Meat:


Red meat isn’t necessarily a cause of constipation, but it can certainly lead to it. Why Because red meat tends to replace fibre-rich food in your diet. If you consume a lot of red meat, you may not be eating enough fibre. Red meat also has high protein, which takes longer to digest.

8. Yogurt:


Yogurt is usually an entry on many healthy food lists, but it may not suit everyone because it’s a dairy-based food after all. You are more likely to develop constipation if you’re eating Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.

9. Beef:


Beef is also among the foods that cause constipation, especially if you’re not eating enough high-fiber veggies with it. Meat has no fiber at all, and you’ll definitely face constipation if you’re also eating other low-fiber foods at the same time.

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