10 Natural Home Remedies For Hair Regrowth on the Scalp

3. Hibiscus Hair Mask:


The hibiscus hair mask helps to strengthen your hair. This helps to strengthen your hair from root to tip. So, this hair pack helps to stop your hair loss and give soft silky and shining hair. This also helps to prevent premature hair growing.

How: Take a handful of hibiscus leaves and handful of curry leaves. Grind them into paste by adding a sufficient amount of water into it. Before apply this pack, you must oil your hair with coconut oil, amla oil, that can nourish your hair. After oiling, apply this mask to your hair.

Leave it for about an hour and rinse it off with water and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Repeat this process 1 – 2 times a week for minimum of 3 – 4 weeks.

4. Green Tea:

The green tea is popular for cutting down the fat in body. But beyond the slim body remedy, green tea is used in home remedies for hair growth. Loaded with antioxidants power, which is good for increasing the hair growth and stopping hair loss, green tea is a perfect ingredient to hair care and growth.

How: Just take the used green tea bag and make a tea of it. Now, apply that bearable warm tea over the hair scalp and let it stay over head for an hour. At the end, wash your head with cool or normal water.

5. Onion Juice:

Let’s start with the first and the best home remedy, onion juice. Onion juice has a good sulphur content which enhances production of collagen tissue which constitutes your scalp. Collagen tissue helps in regeneration and strengthening of weak hair follicles resulting in good hair growth. Onion also lends your hair good bounce and shine.

6.Oil Massage:


Massaging your scalp regularly ensures proper blood flow to your follicles. Lack of blood flow to our follicles is amongst the main reasons for hair loss. There are many hair oils available in the market that are said to work wonders when used for massaging.

How: Coconut oil is especially useful here. Coconut oil can be applied during the night before you go to sleep and can be washed away the next morning if you want to avoid the oiliness.

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