Top 10 Healthy Foods for Hair Growth

8. Onions:


These sulphur-packed gems may have you in tears of joy because they work wonders on your hair. Also referred to as the beauty mineral, sulphur aids in good blood flow and lessens skin inflammation, which will help to prevent hair loss and maintain growth.

9. Yellow Peppers:


We know you typically turn to oranges for your Vitamin C, but peppers – especially yellow peppers and chili peppers – have a significantly higher concentration of this essential nutrient. Besides building your immune system, Vitamin C helps with collagen production and strengthens hair shaft capillaries.

10. Yogurt:


Helps in better blood circulation and maintains a healthy scalp. They are great to give your locks the touch of shine and health from inside. The vitamin B 5 in yogurt can stimulate hair growth and prevents thinning of hair.