Best Herbal Hair Rinse that Can Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy

Are you losing hair? This herbal hair rinse can be one of the best solutions that you’ve been looking for!

Severe hair loss can be one of the most frightening things that can happen to any man or woman. There are several possible reasons for losing hair. Lack of proper hair care, long term hair abuses, genetics, and hormonal imbalances are some of the cited factors that result in some form of hair loss. Thus, if you are experiencing a severe case of hair loss, it is best to seek medical advice to determine the underlying cause of your hair problem.


We’ve heard countless hair growth products but very few have gotten a scientific nod when it comes to effectiveness. Among the interesting herbal hair loss cures is the guava plant. When juice from guava leaves is concocted and used as a hair rinse, scientists have found, can make hair grow like crazy!

The reason behind this is that guava leaves are rich in B vitamins. B complex vitamins like vitamin B7 biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B5 pantothenic acid, are crucial for hair growth.

Aside from the B group of vitamins, the juice extracted from guava leaves is also rich in antioxidants including vitamin A and vitamin C. These vitamins serve as our body’s protection against harmful free radicals and pollution. Our scalp, like our skin, is vulnerable to inflammation. By taking antioxidants everyday we can shield our skin and scalp from external factors, preventing scalp problems that can also result in hair loss.

Other essential nutrients for hair growth that are found in guava leaves include iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, protein, and choline. Such as an amazing list of nutrients indeed! No wonder a hair rinse made from guava leaves concoction is truly a hair growth booster.

How to Prepare and Use Guava Leaves Juice for Hair


In a large pot, bring a handful of guava leaves in water to a boil, for about 20 minutes. Let it cool.


You may use it as a scalp massage. Massage scalp for about 10 minutes and leave it in for for a couple of more hours. Rinse hair with cool water. You may also leave it in overnight if you want to get fast and great results.

You can also use it as an in-shower hair rinse. Use it to rinse hair after shampooing. Use cool fresh water as a final rinse. Do this at least 2-3 times a week and you’ll definitely see some great results in your hair growth rate and thickness!

Our hair is like a plant. If we tend to it regularly, provide nourishment, and care for it, it will give back beauty and shine.

Have you tried using a herbal hair rinse? Guava leaves juice is a great rinse to try now!