6 Miracle Herbs For Hair Growth



Horsetail is rich in an ingredient known as silica which is a perfect ingredient for the strengthening of hair effectively. Horsetail is known to give existing hair a new shine and allows for the growth of new hair which will give you the look you desire. Horsetail must be used regularly to attain the best results possible.



Avocado is another very well known traditional product in treating hair loss. Mix avocado and banana together and apply this substance on your hair for thirty minutes after which wash off with a shampoo and then apply conditioner. Do this process daily for results in hair growth in no time.



Rosemary helps in the blood circulation of the scalp and therefore plays a vital role in hair growth. Rosemary has been used for centuries in regards to treating hair and possesses properties that treat both balding and thinning of hair.

Application of rosemary mixed with olive oil directly to the hair and scalp will strengthen the roots treat a flaky scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Stinging nettle:


Stinging nettle has proved to play a vital role in the prevention of hair fall which primarily occurs because of the conversion of testosterone into dihydro testosterone which stinging nettle prevents. Because of this stinging nettle is a perfect remedy to hair fall and helps in the encouragement of the growth of new hair. Stinging nettle is available both in the form of pills and as an oil both which give very good results.