Top 10 Home Remedies for Cholesterol

High Cholesterol is one of the common ailments nowadays in a lot of people and solely because of the unhealthy eating habits as well as lack of any physical activity. Also, a high level of saturated fats in the diet leads to a perked up cholesterol in the body. Some other reasons that can lead to making you more prone to cholesterol problems are obesity, aging, smoking, drinking excessively, high blood pressure, heredity and more. One of the consequences of high cholesterol comes in the form of heart problems and in major cases it is fatal. Though, some amount of cholesterol is definitely required by the body to sustain certain body functions, high levels tend to block the arteries and thus lead to serious crises.


Once you are aware of high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body, the next is to adhere to professional help. Along with this, you can easily consider taking some home remedial measures that will fasten the process of treatment. The guide below has some of the best ones that you can pick from!

1. Apple Peels:

Peeled Apple with green leaf on white. This file is cleaned, retouched and contains clipping path.

An easy way to lower cholesterol is to include apple peels in the diet while having the fruit. The antioxidants present in the peel helps in slowing down oxidation process of LDL or bad cholesterol. Make sure apples are organic in nature for maximum advantage.

2. Coconut Oil:


Even after being a saturated fat, coconut oil also has lauric acid that increases the good cholesterol in the body and thus brings a balance in the LDL/HDL levels. About 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil can be added to the diet for the purpose.

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