10 Natural Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing

4. Yogurt:

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Eating fresh yogurt on a regular basis is a good way to keep the colon healthy. Being a probiotic food, yogurt, especially the one with live and active cultures, will introduce “good” bacteria into the gut that promote digestion. It will also combat inflammatory bowel diseases.

The intestine-friendly yogurt also solves various stomach problems such as indigestion, flatulence, irregular bowel movements. You can eat yogurt as it is or add some fresh fruit such as apples, limes, bananas and berries.

5. Apple Juice:


One of the well known home remedies for colon cleansing is fresh apple juice. You need to regularly take apple juice in order to maintain a healthy colon as it will help in improving bowel movements, aids in proper digestion, improves the functioning of the liver as well as breaks down toxins in your stomach.

6. Aloe Vera:


Aloe vera is known for its great effects on the skin. As a colon cleanse home remedy, the gel from the aloe vera works its magic by detoxifying and improving the health condition of your colon.

How: Aloe vera mix it with either plain water or lemon juice.  Run it through the blender to get a better texture.  Drink this several times a day to make sure it does its job at getting the spring cleaning you need for your colon.

7. Sea Salt And Water:


Water is a pure natural detoxing agent that does help in colon cleansing. Taking good amounts of water is recommended for effective cleansing. You can also consider taking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning to help facilitate faster action.

Sea salt is also regarded as a perfect remedy for colon detoxing needs. The main advantage of using sea salt for detoxing properties is that, it helps remove accumulated fecal matter and parasites from the system.

How: Adding a teaspoonful of sea salt in pure water and taking it on an empty stomach can give you a fast relief from abdominal pains caused by the toxins.

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