Top 13 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Curry Leaves:


Curry leaf is one of the best ayurvedic remedies to get rid of accumulated fat in your body. Studies show that curry leaf can help reduce triglyceride and cholesterol level thereby helping in obesity. It eliminates harmful toxins and fats from the body and help improve digestion. Eat 7 to 8 full-grown curry leaves in the morning for up to 20 days for effective weight loss.

Finger millet:


Finger millet is an ideal home remedy for fast weight loss. Finger millet is very slow to digest, so the carbohydrates take a longer time to get absorbed. Preparations made of this, curbs the desire to eat and hence it results in reducing the calorie intake. Finger millet is also rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin b1, vitamin b2 etc.



Cumin not only savors our recipes, but it is considered a fat burning product. Cumin’s properties prevent the storage of excess fat by the body, thus weight loss. It increases the metabolic rate that helps the normal delivery of the digestive system, purifies the blood, and stops flatulence. It is an anti-oxidant that is high in Vitamin C. Adding a ¼ cup of cumin to smaller meals aids in flavoring and food digestion. Cumin is available in the following forms: seeds, extract, tablets, and powder.

Get Enough Sleep:

Your body needs a certain amount of sleep, and when it doesn’t attain its optimal amount, it will try to satisfy that lack with other things, such as craving food. Furthermore, you will be more likely to be active during the day, less likely to skip the gym, and less prone to go for a high-sugar energy-boosting meal to give you that extra push.

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