10 Simple Home Remedies to cure Pimples on Face

Whether you’re worried about that newly arrived pimple on your face, Acne occurs because of the action of the hormones on the sebaceous glands or when oil along with dead cells gets trapped in your skin pores, block the ducts and mix with bacteria. They then turn into black-heads when exposed to air. When these black-heads become inflamed they turn into red, the so called unpleasant pimples that all of us dread. They multiply when you touch them with dirty hands. When pimples get infected, they mature into white-heads. When these break, they cause scars. To nip in the bud, you should start immediately home remedies for pimples.


Follow the 10 home remedies that can help you say good bye to pimples Fast!

Best Home Remedies for Pimples:

1. Egg Whites:


Egg whites are full of protein and essential vitamins that can help fade scars or blemishes left by pimples. Everyday, separate 2-3 egg’s worth of egg white from yolks, whip until frothy and apply the mixture to face. Allow the mask to dry up before rinsing with warm water.

2. Oatmeal Facial:


Oatmeal is naturally soothing, and this simple oatmeal mask can also help clear acne. Mix together 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and enough water to form a paste. Smooth the paste all over your face and gently rub it in. Rinse thoroughly afterward.

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