10 Home Remedies to Prevent Premature Graying of Hair

7. Ginger:


You can easily get rid of gray hair by using ginger. Add little milk to grated ginger to get a paste. The paste should be thick in consistency. Apply and rub the ginger paste on areas with gray hair. Leave it for ten minutes and after that, you should wash the hair and remove the paste. Do this remedy one time in seven days.

8. Guava:


Grate some guava leaves and make a paste. Now apply this paste regularly on your scalp. It turns gray hair black. This is one of the best natural remedies for gray hair.

9. Sesame Seeds:


Consuming 1 or ½ tsp sesame seeds (black) daily, plus application of the sesame oil to your hair follicles and roots daily will also check the color change in your hair. This is also one useful home remedy to cure it.

10. Amaranth:


Amaranth helps restores the natural hair color, stops hair loss and prevents graying. First, you should wash your hair, then apply fresh juice extracted from the amaranth leaves on the hair, and rinse with water.