5 Home Remedies for White Hair to Turn Black

Increase Vitamin Intake:


One of the very efficient and easy ways in which white hair can be turned black again is to include good amounts of vitamins in the diet. A lot of times vitamin deficiency is the reason why a lot of people face premature greying. This is especially valid in the case of vitamin B12 deficiency. Having loads of vegetables and fruits will help you out in this area. It is also found in meat and dairy products for your benefit that should be included in the meals.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Use:


Another of the worth mentioning home remedies here in the list of ideas for turning white hair into black in the use of amla in the hair. Along with prevention and treatment of premature greying, this also helps in treatment of hair thinning. You can easily make a fresh paste of amla with lemon juice and apply to make the hair black again. Amla juice can also be massaged on the hair for the same purpose.

Oil it:


Under nourishment of hair is one thing that makes the hair dull, lifeless as well as white way before time. It is important to keep giving the hair the moisture that it deserves. For the very same purpose oiling the hair especially hot oil treatment is highly preferable. One can warm the oil a little and massage the scalp at least once a week. It is bound to make the white turned hair black again. It is one of the best home remedies to use.

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