10 Effective Home Remedies that cures Appendicitis

7. Butter Milk:


Buttermilk is beneficial in the treatment of chronic form of appendicitis. One liter of buttermilk may be taken daily for this purpose.

8. Whole Wheat:


The consumption of whole wheat, which includes bran and wheat germ, has been found beneficial in preventing several digestive disorders, including appendicitis. The bran of wheat can be sterilized by baking after thorough cleaning. This sterilized bran can be added to wheat flour in the proportion of one to six by weight. Two or three chapatis made from this flour can be eaten daily for preventing this disease.

9. Pineapple:


Pineapple is widely regarded as an effective home remedy to appendicitis as it possesses an enzyme known as bromelain that improves digestion as well as reduces pain associated with this disease condition.

10. Drinking Plenty of Water:


Lastly but most importantly, drinking plenty of water is absolutely mandatory for people with appendicitis as it helps to prevent constipation that may otherwise lead to inflammation of the appendix and can give rise to further complications.

Although the above mentioned home remedies work very effectively in treating the condition, it is often necessary to seek professional medical advice for proper diagnosis of appendicitis and prompt treatment for inhibiting further complications.

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