10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Canker Sores

8. Neem:


Also referred to as Indian Lilac Neem is used as treatment for several problems among which it even includes mouth infection, there was also time in the past when neem stems were used to clean the teeth instead of brush.

How: Liquid taken from boiled neem leaves in water for about 30 minutes can be used as mouth wash before and after eating food. Though it might be bitter it is also suggested to chew on fresh neem leaves to treat apart from, which it can be used to keep the mouth fresh and clean all the time lessening infection spreading chances.

9. Alum:


You can find alum in the spice section of various grocery stores. However, its medicinal properties make it a useful ingredient to treat canker sores fast.


  • Alum can be dabbed on the canker sores. Initially, it may hurt like crazy and you may even feel a burning sensation.
  • But, it is known to relieve the pain and will heal you faster. You can repeat it once or twice in a day, but not more than twice.

10. Honey:


If you want to relieve yourself of the pain that accompanies canker sores, you can use honey.

How: Take a little honey on the tip of your finger. Now apply this honey on the ulcers inside your mouth. Do this about 4 times a day. You may initially feel as if your sores are burning when you apply honey on them but after a few seconds only, you’ll be relieved of the pain.

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