9 Effective Home remedies To Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast

Cellulite is an extremely elusive disease that has plagued women of all ages around the globe. Though many experts claim that cellulite is mainly caused by the stretching of skin and fat on a woman’s body causing dimples it is common knowledge that this is not the only cause of cellulite, diet, exercise, hormones and lifestyles are other causes of cellulite. All these factors are major issues to deal with for women each day and need proper scrutiny if the woman does not want to have cellulite.


The women who tend to be overweight are the ones who complain of cellulite but as per recent studies it shows that now even thin and fit women are complaining of this disease and its symptoms. Strict care needs to be taken immediately if you are under the impression that you have cellulite symptoms.

Given below are a few safe home remedies that have been proven to cure cellulite if carried out in a proper manner:-

Dry Brushing:


Dry brushing helps in increasing blood flow and in some cases it eases out blood flow. Cellulite causes blockages of blood flow in many areas causing immediate distress. Dry brushing helps to smoothen out blood flow thus reducing pressure. This method is not medically recognized but has a great feedback from various households that have tried it. The directions of use are, make long sweeps of a natural bristle brush towards the heart from the affected area. Avoid circular strokes, always keep a fluid motion.



Gelatine is source rich in amino acids glycine and proline which is important for our body in terms of hair and nail growth and weight regulation. Gelatine helps strengthen connective tissue and reduces or otherwise eradicates all means of cellulite in our body. But since gelatine is only available in the organs and bones of animals the intake of gelatine has greatly reduced in recent times, causing cellulite in a larger number of women. Gelatine is an important shield against cellulite and must be consumed in normal amounts every day.

Coffee Scrub:


Using a coffee scrub to massage the skin helps to increase blood flow to a great extent. Strong and smooth blood flow is the base line to preventing cellulite and coffee scrub helps us achieve that. Coffee massages the skin smoothening blood flow and coffee also has a tightening effect to bind the flow so that it never has to be compromised by cellulite ever again. This is by far the best available home remedy to heal cellulite.



Kettlebells are the best instruments to use during a workout to help reduce cellulite. Kettlebells help gain muscle and reduce fat in areas such as the thigh, stomach, hips and buttocks which not only help to keep you healthy but is a good means of reducing cellulite.

Balance hormones:


Balancing the hormones in your body is the best way of reducing cellulite as hormones play a big parts in this disease. Try and find out the various hormones present and not present in your body and start to balance them thus reducing the effects of cellulite.

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