How to Get Flat Tummy?

7. Consider Small Portions of Meals:


Rather than considering three heavy meals of the day, it is always better to have smaller 5-6 meals throughout the daily routine. This will help in keeping you content as well as ensure prevention of fat accumulation that usually happens with over eating.

8. Fiber Rich Foods:


It is important to have good quantities of fiber in the daily meals that helps in regulating the body functions in an efficient manner. Fiber helps in cleansing the system from within especially where fat accumulation is concerned. Fiber intake also speeds up the process of burning fat and calories in the body thus giving a flat tummy.

9. Avoid Sugar Intake:


Cutting down on sugar in the diet is a simple but very efficient way of keeping away fat accumulation and thus achieving flat tummy.

10. Avoid Alcohol:


Alcohol consumption increases the secretion of estrogen in the body that leads to slower metabolism and retain of weight. In such a situation where you want a flat tummy, keep away from alcohol.

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