How To Remove Black Heads With Baking Soda – Genuine Method

Many people know baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has a number of health, household, and beauty benefits. But did you know that baking soda helps to treat blackheads? Baking soda’s mild abrasive properties helps to clean the skin and remove blackheads.


Blackheads are typically black or yellow and occur when skin pores become clogged with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. These are simply pimples without skin that, when exposed to air, become oxidized and turn black. People of all skin types suffer from blackheads, but are most common with oily skin.

Is Baking Soda Good for Blackheads?


Yes, it is! Baking soda exfoliates your skin leaving is soft and smooth while unclogging pores containing dead skin cells. It helps to neutralize your skin’s pH level and allows it to produce less oil, completely preventing blackheads. Baking soda is an effective cleanser that works without harsh chemicals.

How do I use Baking Soda for Blackheads?

Try  the below simple and easy method to get rid of blackheads.

Baking Soda, Salt, And Honey:

Being a natural antibiotic, honey helps to pull out the dirt from your skin pores that will hydrate and tighten your skin to get a clear complexion. Besides, salt can help to prevent pimples and blackheads by decreasing inflammation. Moreover, it also exfoliates your skin, which leaves it soft and smooth.


  • Baking soda – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt – 2 teaspoons
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon


  • Firstly, you mix honey, salt, and baking soda well to make a fine paste.
  • Then, you apply this paste onto the affected area.
  • Next, you gently massage it in circular motions.
  • Now, you let it stay for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Finally, you rinse this area with warm water and a washcloth.
  • You should repeat this way as needed.

Warnings And Tips:

  • You have to avoid applying baking soda onto the squeezed pimples and open wounds because it may cause irritation and worsen the problem.
  • If you use baking soda or salt repeatedly, it can irritate your skin, cause cracking and drying, and make this situation worse.
  • You should stop and immediately rinse your skin if you are allergic to baking soda or any other ingredients.
  • You should consult your dermatologist if you experience an allergic reaction.
  • If you do any or the above methods for one time, it will not give you the immediate results.
  • You must repeat the processes regularly until you get relief from blackheads completely.