3 Best Golden Juices For Anti-Aging

Now-a-days, Anti-Aging is almost common in Everyone’s Lifestyle and it occurs in short time of Age. So it is a severe problem facing many people around the Globe. It felt shy, when went to parties etc. so here we have Smoothies for Anti-Aging .


Juicing is the easiest method to get the daily dose of pure nutrition that rejuvenates and hydrates the skin. To make beauty more than skin deep and stop the progress of time, care must be taken to pamper skin and the best way to do it is though juicing. Natural juices extracted from fruits and vegetables improve skin health and slow down skin aging.

1. Beetroot, Apple and Ginger Juice:


Beetroot is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, minerals, folate, fiber, manganese and potassium. Also, they are filled with antioxidants that can revive your skin by eliminating dead skin cells. Regular consumption of beetroot in any form supports liver for increasing detoxification, thus slowing down your aging process. The nitrate rich content of beetroot also ensures free flow of blood to the brain.


  • Beetroot ½
  • Lettuce leaves 5
  • apple 1
  • 1 whole Lemon
  • Ginger ½ inch


Wash beetroot thoroughly before peeling its skin, cut it in half and dice it. Put the diced pieces of beetroot in a mixer and add lettuce leaves, apple and ginger to it. Add lemon juice to these ingredients. Blend all the ingredients until they become fine juice. Add some ice and serve chilled.
Drinking this juice on regular basis can revive your skin.

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