Top 20 Metabolism Boosting Foods For Weight Loss

12. Berries:


To lose weight, you’ll definitely want to avoid simple sugars and artificial sweeteners, which have been shown to cause increased sugar rebound cravings. To get your sweet fix, eat fresh red berries like raspberries and strawberries, which also contain anthocyanins. These can stop fat cells from growing, while polyphenols block the digestive enzyme activity of certain starches and fats so you wont absorb as much.

13. Eggs:


Start your day with Egg Omelette. The egg is an instant source of energy that is packed with nutrients. It contains Vitamin that helps in the breakdown of carbohydrate and fats.
Also, protein and omega 3 content is remarkable. For protein break down a lot of calories is burned. Also, Omega 3 is healthy fat required for proper development of the body.

14. Broccoli:


When brainstorming what to have for dinner, think about filling half of your plate with brightly colored vegetables like broccoli. It’s low in calories and high in water and fiber content to help you feel full, plus it ups your ability to burn fat. The florets contains calcium and vitamin C, and can slow the production of thyroid hormones in people with thyroid disease. Spinach, kale and red peppers are great veggie choices as well.

15. Green Tea:


Green tea has been shown to boost the metabolism while giving the body an extra boost of energy. It contains a plant compound called EGCG, which promotes fat burning.