10 Natural Oils For Healthy Hair Growth

4. Ylang Ylang Oil:


This oil is helpful in increasing the hair shaft thickness and for getting thicker hair. It is also helpful to deal with split ends and can balance the production of scalp oil. Ylang Yland oil is similar to Lavender and reduces stress.

5. Thyme Essential Oil:


This one is usually added to hair care products because of its ability to promote hair growth. The hair follicles are rejuvenated by way of increasing the blood flow to the scalp. Its high thymol content gives it a strong spicy smell so I suggest to use it in moderation and mix other essential oil of your choice.

6. Jojoba Oil:


Jojoba oil has been used for hundreds of years by American Indians to moisturize and grow hair. The molecular makeup of jojoba has similar characteristics towards the natural oil the glands of the scalp produce. Jojoba oil can be purchased at herb shops and can be applied straight to your hair or you can add a few drops to your favorite conditioner to advertise hair growth.

7. Tea Tree and Olive Oil:


Tea tree oil when mixed with olive oil makes one such mixture, which promises to give you a healthy hair growth. Olive oil like tea tree oil is antibacterial and anti fungal in nature. So its application kills the bacteria and fungi on the scalp, which are the main causes of hair thinning. It also checks the production of DTH hormone (one of the main causes of hair loss). Its application helps to make the hair stronger by improving the blood circulation in the scalp.

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