3 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential oils are a great natural way to lose weight. They are detoxifying and uplifting. Essential oils helps to deal with hunger and cravings and they can reduce the root causes of overeating such as stress, depression, and anxiety over life’s problems. There’s only one thing needed to lose weight: to eat less, and preferably, to eat healthier. You don’t need expensive equipment or personal training programs just control your calories! Control your appetite and you’ll control your life.

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

I found that these are the 3 best essential oils to support healthy weight loss:

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint essential oil helps increase the sense of fullness and satisfaction after eating. It also soothes an upset stomach and helps with digestive problems.



Add 5 to 10 drops to your morning bath to energize your body and reduce food cravings. Peppermint tastes great & gives an extra little energy as an added benefit so you can add 1-2 drops of oil to your glass of water & drink before the meals to have the same effect of reducing appetite.

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