10 Most Beautiful Small Tattoo Designs For Women

8. Om Tattoo on Wrist:


Those who are religious, can use this religious wrist tattoo idea for their arm or wrist. This tattoo design can however be done in any other part of the body too.

9. Anchor Small Tattoo:


Anchors look amazingly cool when used in small tattoos, which is the reason of the ever increasing popularity of this design element. Originally, anchor tattoos were associated with sailors and travelers, but in contemporary times, they have become the symbols of stability.

10. Heart Small Tattoo:


The heart has been the eternal symbol of love and it makes an important part of tattoo art since times immemorial. Such a design looks perfect at the wrist, ankle and sensuous areas such as back of the ear and neck. It can be inked as a couple tattoo by the woman. It can also be the symbol of close friendship.