The Amazing Use Of Sparkling Water As A Beauty Treatment

How does this act?

The bubbles n carbonated water help in delivering oxygen deep into the skin pores and flushing out all the dirt and germs leaving behind a clean and healthy skin. It also increases the blood circulation which in turn tends to give the skin a bright tone as well as smooth complexion.

There are many additives that are used in sparkling water these days. All these give more benefits like hydrating, balancing, increasing the firmness, controlling secretion of oils, exfoliating, cleaning, etc.  As an end result it gives us all that we hope to get when we use any good quality product for beauty treatment.

Therefore, the next time suggest that you try out using carbonated sparkling water as a face wash and see what difference it makes; it is definitely worth a try.

How to use sparkling water as facial cleanser:


While it is simple to use it and just grabbing your face with sparkling water should do the trick, but to get the maximum benefits one should also consider the type of skin and adopt a few variations by using the sparkling water as given below.

For normal & oily skin –

First fill up a bowl of sparkling mineral water and dip your face in it while holding the breath as per your capacity; for about 10 to 20 seconds.  You should do this once a week for the normal skin and thrice a week for the oily skin.

For dry and sensitive skin –

For those having dry as well as sensitive skin, it is best to use equal proportions of sparkling mineral water with regular mineral water in a bowl and then soak your face for about 10 to 20 seconds in it as done above.  Do it just once a week and increase the frequency depending upon how your skin reacts to it.

Do try out this amazing beauty treatment just about a month and watch your face glow brighter!

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